How much water do you need every day? Some people meal prep, we WATER prep!

Water for the day

How much water should you drink every day?

That really depends on a few things. Obviously a 200 lb man would need more water than a 6 year old little girl!

By now most of us have heard you should drink half your body weight in oz of water each day.  But you also need to think about where you live and how active you are. You really should drinking between half an ounce to an ounce of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water each day.

It’s starting to get hot in California! It was over 100 this weekend! On days like that we need more than jus the half ounce per pound. Also my boys are athletes. When they have soccer tournaments or practice they need more water. They trying telling me they drank their daily allotment, but no with the heat and exercise they need more!

Now you know how much water you need, but getting it in is another problem! I’ve tried tracking websites. I’ve tried using pen and paper to remember. Somehow I always ended up with a million half full water glasses all over the house and no idea how much anyone drank! Finally I went to target and bought a bunch of giant cups for my two oldest boys and me so we can keep track. My oldest uses the silver ones, second oldest uses the black, mine are pink and teal. Each night I wash and refill the cups. So we can just grab and go throughout the day. The water stays cold. We know who’s is who’s and it’s easy to track. Once your color of cuts is gone you’ve had enough water for the day! It’s that easy. When looking for cups make sure you pick ones that fit in your car’s cup holders! That’s so important. If they don’t fit and you can’t take them with you easily that will make a huge difference on how much you drink!

The only things I don’t like about the cups I chose are they are not dishwasher safe and the lid can open if you lay it down. For me it’s worth it. I really like the colors and how cold they keep everything. I keep my water upright so leaking isn’t an issue, but they are not ones my teens can just throw in a backpack so I want to find something a little better for them. I also need to find some good ones for my little boys. If you have ones you suggest please let me know in the comments!!!

Proud mama! The one in white is mine. He works hard and needs more water on soccer days!


2 Replies to “How much water do you need every day? Some people meal prep, we WATER prep!”

  1. I water prep every night by filling a huge Nalgene bottle with water and lemon and cucumber slices. By the next day, I pour half spa water and half regular water for a tasty drink. Plus at that ratio, once I finish the Nalgene bottle, I’ve hit my “half body weight in water” quota for the day. Easy and delish!!

    1. I love that idea! I’ve never heard of Nalgene bottles. I’ll have to check them out! How many ounces does yours hold? It wouldn’t need to hold too much since you’re diluting it half way with regular water. Thanks for the idea. I’m always looking for ways to get that water in the 6 of us!

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